New York Beef Producer's Association

A Message from the President

John Kriese, President NYBPA

President’s Message
John Kriese
November / December Newsletter Edition

Thankfully Agrarian

During this time of the year, I personally believe that it is essential for the human soul to reflect, and to give thanks for all of the positive components of our lives. As New York Beef Producers, we could probably band together and lament about the wet summer o0f 2017 and our inability to make really high-quality forage which is essential to every cattle producer who believes in the power of the bovine to keep the human species alive and flourishing.

For just one moment, I would ask that every member who chooses to read this column to think about the millions of acres which were claimed to wildfires in Montana. Have you taken time from your busy schedule to think about the struggling producers in the Dakota’s who have lost generations of breeding progress, and who have witnessed one of the most epic droughts in history?

I ask you to think of the lives which were lost, and the agriculture which was decimated due to the hurricanes which ravaged our allies. Lastly, I would ask the NY Beef Family to reflect upon the losses which our friends in California have most recently endured the devastating wildfires which have claimed the lives of humans, the bounty of agricultural crops, and the morale of the human spirit.

Fellow Beef Producers, we need to be thankful for the opportunities which we have been provided in each of our lives. In addition, let us all reflect upon the fact that we believe in the agrarian lifestyle, and that we embrace strong family bonds, hard work and determination, and the concept of working together for a common goal.

While we are feeding our cattle on Thanksgiving Day, much of the American society will be consumed with media hype surrounding athletes who may or may not choose to pledge allegiance to this wonderful democracy which our forefathers created. It appears that the people who have no direct connection with agriculture believe that they have little or nothing to the thankful for.

At this time, I ask that each and every reader, breeder, and member to think back in time, and think about one person who has helped you to learn and to succeed in your agriculture and your beef cattle endeavors. Think about the neighbor who helped you build fence, possibly the local farmer who helped you to deliver a calf, or the feed mill operator who might have stayed open late so that you could pick up some supplies. Have you ever done anything for your veterinarian, for your AI technician, or for the person who encourages others to be involved in the beef industry?

Here is a concept… Let’s pay our appreciation forward. Think about the person who has most recently purchased cattle from you, or who has simply helped you to overcome an obstacle, and pay their dues to the New York Beef Producers. For a very minimal investment, you could invite them into the membership of an agricultural community which embraces many genuine values of a wholesome American lifestyle.

Your investment would be a wonderful way to say “Thank You” to someone for being involved in Agricultural pursuits. Your investment in a new member would keep your dollars within the New York Beef Producer’s Association which will allow us to meet the needs of our growing New York Beef Producer Family. The NYBPA is currently providing an organizational structure to more than 600 members. Will you take on the challenge of helping us to grow to 1,000 members? This membership goal could be easily realized if only half of our membership responds to this call for action.

As your Presiding Chair, I wish to extend a reflective thankfulness for all of the volunteers and for the dedicated individuals who continue to make this organization one of the most vibrant member-drive groups in New York State. The quality of leadership at the Regional level is inspiring. Thank you to everyone who worked at Empire Farm Days, Beef Day at the New York State Fair, the Supreme Show, the Fall Festival, and especially the educational committee who is bringing forth an incredible Winter Management Program in January, Thank you to all, for the behind the scenes energy that each of you have put forth during the past year which has resulted in an organization which I am personally proud to be involved with.

Ladies and Gentlemen, let us work together and be thankful for the fact that we are the heart and the sole of an incredible agrarian community…where service to others is far more important than our own individual needs and wants.

Thank you for the opportunity you have given me to serve.


John Kriese
NYBPA President